How does the Cannabis affect the taste of the wine?

The cannabis adds a mild herby undertone that complements the wines strong flavours. The wine is best served chilled.

Are your products safe?

Yup, perfectly safe. We carefully monitor the amount of Cannabis used for every product. We perform regular quality tests to ensure computer safety.

Can non-cannabis users use your products?

Yes but they should expect a few effects. Our advice is to take it slowly. If it gets too much trying chewing raw peppercorns. In the event of alcohol poisoning please contact a medical professional.

How will it make me feel?

It varies. For regular Cannabis users it’s a euphoric feeling though not as intense as smoking Cannabis. For light/non-Cannabis users, the effects are more pronounced. 

What is the best way to enjoy it?

Our gin is best served with tonic
Our wines are best served chilled.
Our coffee works best with a coffee machine

How does shipping work?

See shipping policy.